Residential Moving: Tips for Moving

When packing boxes, please double tape the bottom of box.  Only a single piece of tape is needed for the top of the box. 

Please write on top of box only.  There is no need to write on the sides of the box. 

Please mark clearly what room the box or boxes will be placed.  Please identify boxes by room, for example, master bedroom or green rug room.  This will make it easier for the movers to correctly place your items. 

Furniture drawers through-out the house can stay full, but please remove all breakables or things that can move around, such as jewelry, cologne, and perfume. 

If there are doors on the furniture, all items must be removed behind them. 

The movers will disassemble and assemble items such as headboards, footboards, and mirrors.  They will also disconnect all appliances. 

The Refrigerator will be one of the last items to be loaded on the truck, so there is no need to defrost it.  Please have a cooler available when you empty the contents of the fridge. 

The movers will not take lamps, plants, or paintings unless they are properly boxed. 

Please try to pack as much as you possibly can.  The move will go faster if there are no loose items around. 

Any outdoor items such as porch furniture or shed items should be mentioned in advance so they are not forgotten. 

Please provide good written directions for movers.  Remember to avoid bridges or roads which a moving van cannot use. 

These are just a few tips to keep in mind.  Contact Us today for more tips and to learn how our experienced professionals can help you with your moving and climate-controlled storage needs.

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